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Policies and Standards

Customer Service Charter

At ACCES, quality customer service means we strive to meet or exceed the goals of our customers. Our customers include clients, employers, funders and community partners. Our goal is to provide supportive and effective employment and training services to our diverse community.

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Customer Service Policy

Feedback from ACCES’ customers (clients, employers, funders and community partners) may arise from time to time; this may be a concern about the service received or may be due to a misunderstanding.

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Diversity and Equity Policy

ACCES is committed to respecting the inherent dignity and equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family. ACCES is committed to the removal of social barriers that hinder historically disadvantaged groups of people from fully developing themselves and participating in Canadian society, and to the active building of an environment that promotes and nurtures their growth and social participation.

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