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Healthcare Connections

The Healthcare Connections program helps internationally educated healthcare professionals (IEHPs) find alternative career options in Canada. For those individuals who have selected not to pursue licensure in their respective healthcare profession, or individuals looking for ways to stay connected to the healthcare industry while pursuing accreditation, Healthcare Connections will help identify new career opportunities.

This program is designed for IEHPs who possess healthcare expertise that can be transferred to one of four alternative careers:

  • Healthcare Supply Chain
  • Sales of Pharmaceuticals or Medical Supplies
  • Clinical Administration
  • Self-Employment (in a healthcare context)

Program Benefits

  • Acquire the information necessary to transfer a specific healthcare skillset to one of four featured career options
  • Develop Canadian workplace communication skills that pertain to the healthcare profession in Canada
  • Develop a BioTalent Canada portfolio that will assist career planning by identifying transferable skills
  • Receive ‘BioReady™’ recognition and gain access to ‘BioSkills Match’, anational database of BioReady talent
  • Receive one-to-one employment support featuring job search strategies, employment placement, and/or business start-up coaching
  • Connect with mentors who are established professionals
  • Connect with employers who are recruiting and hiring from ACCES Employment's programs
  • Access post-hire support or ongoing business coaching as needed

Healthcare Connections is free of charge and funded by the Government of Canada.

To learn more about Healthcare Connections, please click here to email Rose Chiu or call at 416.443.9008.