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Client Testimonial

“ACCES helped me to develop the fundamental communication skills I needed to succeed in the Canadian workplace and helped me to gain my self-confidence.”


 - Yong Shen



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ACCES offers a range of employment services to serve the needs of diverse job seekers. We will help you to determine the employment services that will best suit your needs and that can help you to enter the workplace. We are conveniently located in Toronto, Scarborough, Mississauga, North York and Brampton. To register, visit the ACCES location that is nearest to you.

Employment Ontario

Access resources and information, job search workshops and employment counseling, as well as job matching, placement and retention services

Resource Centre
Job Search
Youth Employment Fund

Mentoring Services

Provide sector-specific and occupation-specific information, advice and help to develop your network of contacts in Canada

Speed Mentoring®
The Mentoring Partnership

Job Search Workshop

Provide new Canadians with information on the Canadian labour market


A program to support women during their re-entry into the workforce

Workplace Communication Skills

Develop workplace communication skills to achieve greater success in your career

Talk English Cafe®
Language for Workplace Connections