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Highly Successful 2016 World of Difference Campaign

There are currently over 4 million displaced Syrians living outside their home country as refugees. Canada has significantly increased efforts to address this humanitarian crisis by committing to ramping up the settlement of Syrian refugees across the country. It is anticipated that 25 000 Syrian refugees will arrive in Canada before the end of March 2016, with an additional 35 000 expected before the end of the year. There is a significant need to coordinate support efforts, services and programs available to assist Syrian refugees as they arrive in Canada.

Thanks to the success of our 2016 World of Difference Fundraising Campaign, ACCES Employment is well-placed to deliver the employment services and programs that will enable Syrian refugees to become independent and integral members of the community in Toronto. With the support of the campaign sponsor, Tangerine, we successfully raised over $43 000 in support of this cause. Thank you to all donors who generously contributed to make a World of Difference this year.

The donations will go towards employment services and programs that include: English language skills training, online support, coordinated support with other community agencies and employment services, and connections to employers that are interested in supporting Syrian refugees.

Stay tuned for updates about these services and programs and how ACCES will Make a World of Difference in the lives of Syrian newcomers to Canada.

Thank you to our campaign sponsor this year:


For more information about making a donation to ACCES Employment, please click here to email Ada Wong or call her at 416.431.5326.